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Our Swab Story

Our Swab Story

Dispongeables Company started with a home experiment that created the world’s first Spongeaphobe™.

One night, a medical device product developer was sitting in the family kitchen and noticed the dish sponge by the sink. At work, he was launching a product to reduce surgical infections and had been researching germs. Although he wasn’t a germaphobe, it occurred to him the sponge could be filled with bacteria.

After all, used sponges are:

  • Wet

  • Filled with holes that have little particles of food

  • Kept at room temperature


This theory had literally been sitting right under his nose. Who hasn’t smelled the funk of bacteria in an old sponge?

Although his wife and teenage kids thought it was strange (really strange), he decided to perform his own experiment.

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 11.10.18

Actual images from the swab experiment.

For the experiment, he ran a cotton swab across a one-day-old dish scrubber and then wiped the swab in a Petri dish. A lot of bacteria began to grow and he sent the dish to an outside lab to have it analyzed. The analysis results were shocking. There were several different bacteria and fungi on the day-old scrubber, and a few of them were dangerous.

A wet sponge is a magnet and incubator for the germs traveling through the air.

He concluded a wet sponge is a magnet and incubator for the germs traveling through the air.

With that scary thought, he became the world’s first Spongeaphobe™ and decided to create a line of safer dish cleaning products.


We hope you enjoy our Earth-friendly, disposable sponges and scrubbers. So far, everyone that uses them thinks they are Good. Clean. Fun.

Our Mission

After using Dispongeables, we cannot imagine why anyone would choose to use a traditional sponge, so...

Our mission is to make traditional cleaning sponges obsolete by creating exciting alternative eco-friendly products. Through creativity and modern engineering, we hope to grow the role of biodegradable sponges in household cleaning.


We will also...


Educate about the bacterial load of used sponges and the environmental impact of synthetic sponges and work to have cellulose sponges part of nationwide recycle programs.

Our Mission
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