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Earth’s First Expanding Biodisposable Dish Loofahs!

Everyone who tries our biodisposable Dispongeables loves them, but several of our wonderful customers requested we create a biodisposable abrasive dish scrubber to clean dishes with cached-on food….

Please Welcome Discrubbables!
Discrubbables are abrasive pads with the biodisposability and expandability of Dispongeables. Discrubbables are made from 100% loofah gourd (the same type of loofah gourd that many peoples’ great aunt or grandmother used in the tub).

Geeze, Tell Me More Than I Ever Wanted To Know About Loofahs!

Loofahs are absolutely fascinating. They have been used in North America for both food and sponges for over 9,000 years, but very few people know anything about them.

Loofahs are native to Africa and Asia. They are part of the gourd family; related to pumpkins and squash. Loofahs are edible when they are young, but eventually become tough and cucumber-looking. At this time, they are perfect for being used as a scrubbing sponge.
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Two Different Abrasive Surfaces

Although every loofah gourd is different, Discrubbables are very similar because they are all cut the same way out of a loofah gourd. One side of a Discrubbable comes from the inside of the gourd which contains strong, scraping spines. The other side of the Discrubbable is made from the outside of the gourd which delivers a much gentler, but abrasive surface.

Like our Dispongeables, Discrubbables swell in water and are 100% biodisposable. Discrubbables start out as thin pads for easy storage and expand to over 10mm thick. After being used, Discrubbables can be disposed-of or composted guilt-free because they are completely plant-based.

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