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12 Dispongeables® fit into the space of half a sliced English muffin (that can be cleaned up with Dispongeables®). 

Each sponge swells to a "just right" thickness when wet. Dispongeables™ are 100% biodegradeable and compostable, and are made of natural plant fiber.



Discrubbables® are rough and tough expanding, disposable dish loofahs!


They are made from loofa gourds (like a cucumber) and are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Think of them like a gentle, natural steel wool pad.


Discrubbables® Skin Loofah

Discrubbables® Skin Loofahs deliver skin exfoliation without worrying about bacteria.  They swell in water and are 100% Biodisposable®.


Discrubbables® start out as thin pads for easy storage and expand to over 10mm thick.


After being used, Discrubbables® can be disposed-of guilt-free before bacteria can grow because Discrubbables are completely plant-based.

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Weekend Pack

Try them, you'll love them!


This travel-sized weekend pack contains one Dispongeable® and one Discrubbable™. They are perfect for weekend vacations and travel!