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Discrubbables Expanding Biodisposable Body Loofahs

Loofahs are Great for Beauty

People have used loofahs for bathing for thousands of years and they are still used today in either plastic or natural forms. Loofahs are a beloved beauty tool because they exfoliate your skin. This involves removing dead cells clogging and dulling the top layer of the skin. Using a loofah not only scrubs-off this skin layer, loofahs also remove micro-debris within pores that cleansers cannot reach.

Through exfoliation, new skin cells are uncovered; instantly resulting in a fresher, healthier appearance.

Discrubbables disposable body loofahs are designed to be thrown-away (or composted) before bacteria can grow. They are 100% natural loofah gourd and are completely biodegradable. This allows guiltless disposability which is important because studies suggest using a new loofah every week. 

Sorry to Tell You, But Normal Loofahs are Bacteria Farms

Recent studies have shown traditional loofahs are perfect environments for bacteria growth and can cause skin infections. The infections are caused by actually forcing bacteria into the skin.

Scrubbing with a loofah causes “microtraumas” to the skin. After being used, loofahs are filled with dead skin cells and are hung in a damp, room temperature shower or bath. Bacteria and fungus feed on the dead skin cells and grow rapidly in these environments. When the loofahs are reused, the bacteria and fungus are forced into the skin through the microtraumas and can cause infections.

Read the studies of skin infections from loofahs




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