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Biodisposable to Avoid Smell and Bacteria Growth​  

Most people keep kitchen sponges a lot longer than they should. Regular kitchen sponges are made of non-biodegradeable plastics (which are bad for the environment) and are a lot more disgusting than people realize!  Read about sponges here.


Dispongeables are easy to store. Our sponges begin wafer-thin and swell to their full size when wet. 30 Dispongeables fit into the space of a jelly donut (that can be cleaned up with Dispongeables).  

Easy on the Environment

Dispongeables are made of 100% biodegradable plant material (cellulose) and are dye-free and chemical-free. Studies have shown cellulose degrades in two to six weeks in the ground. To compost Dispongeables, simply cut the sponge into quarters before tossing it into your compost pile.

Sudsy and Durable

Dispongeables are porous and suds up like regular kitchen sponges. Silicone sponges lack absorbancy and do not retain soap like Dispongeables do, so you will use less soap with our sponges. Dispongeables will not scratch your delicate items while holding up to heavy-duty scrubbing.

How long should you use each sponge?

We think normal kitchen sponges are gross, which is why we started our company. It doesn't make sense to be swiping bacteria and dirt around your dishes when you think you are cleaning them. When you use Dispongeables to clean up raw poultry, meat or nasty dirt - toss it (Dispongeables are biodegradable!) Dispongeables are tough and will last a long time, but you shouldn't keep each sponge more than a week. Remember, bacteria is nasty.

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